Coming in Fall 2023

Vintage Communication & Computing Club (VC3)

The southeastern U.S. is home for thousands of people interested in vintage radios, phonographs, electronics and associated  equipment and apparatus. The VC3 is the latest incarnation of a five-decade-old regional special interest club that will now be provided with a permanent home at MIE. The club highlights and preserves the history of communication and computing.

Meeting monthly and working together to exchange equipment and information, the VC3 encourages the acquisition, restoration, preservation and exhibition of vintage wireline, wireless, radio and other equipment, including original recordings and documentation of the history and development of these technologies.

MIE is providing work space, equipment, tools, materials and support to boost the effectiveness and marketing reach of this organization preserving and protecting our electronic heritage.



Huntsville Amateur Radio Club (HARC) 

The Huntsville Amateur Radio Club ( is a thriving regional group operating in various forms since 1947. HARC’s mission is to educate volunteers to provide emergency communications in support of local emergency management agencies. HARC and the long-range (DX) subgroup are already meeting weekly at the museum and helping to set up and operate the Ham Shack. 

The Ham Shack

A fully equipped, working 1500 watt amateur shortwave radio station is being constructed in “The Ham Shack” area of the facility. The VC3 organization has joined forces with HARC members to build, operate and maintain the Ham Shack. These club volunteers bring a wealth of expertise in the area of wireless communications and related subjects.

Electronics Test Lab

VC3 and HARC members have been instrumental in setting up test benches, calibrating equipment, and repairing exhibit items. Several members have donated equipment and offered to provide historical research papers and presentations on relevant museum topics. Co-hosting these organizations strengthens the capabilities of the Museum of Information Explosion.

Club Member Agreement

Dedicated, active members and meaningful work are the essential ingredients for success of the VC3. We intend that members receive significant and growing value from your participation with the club. What you get out of the club depends largely on what you put into it. Enjoy the club’s fellowship, enrich your professional and personal knowledge, and meet other technology enthusiasts. This membership agreement is designed to help members more fully participate in, enjoy and share your club experience.

Responsibilities of Club Members include the following:

Be a loyal supporter of the Vintage Communications and Computing Club

  • Support the club financially and through program participation.
  • Attend meetings and events regularly; no one can “grumble” if not in attendance.
  • Participate: communicate, make your voice heard; reply to surveys, vote. Your thoughts and contributions are appreciated and make a difference.
  • Get personally involved. Try to inject a warm, personal note in club work. Blend gentleness with firmness when taking a stand.
  • Keep the purpose of the club in mind. If certain goals or methods appear to be outmoded, take the necessary steps to update them.
  • Prepare for each meeting if you are presenting. Contribute to the conversation. Help ensure meetings are enjoyable and productive.
  • Conserve the club’s financial resources. Keep expenses under control and identify and call out waste or mismanagement of funds.

Help build a strong and growing membership for the VC3

  • Help sustain and increase the membership base of the club. Be on the lookout for potential candidates to join, and encourage friends and associates.
  • Create an inclusive environment. Composition of our club should reflect the community’s diverse demographics, professions, genders, ages, and ethnicities to enrich every aspect of fellowship and service.
  • Help develop new leaders to maintain the club into the future.

Be a loyal supporter of the Museum of Information Explosion

  • Promote the museum mission. Know and relate the MIE story and invite guests to visit.
  • Help spread the value of VC3 and MIE, and build the resources to sustain the organizations for future generations.

Care for our facility

  • Pick up trash & clean up after work sessions; leave the building cleaner than you found it.
  • Report items that need repair.
  • Be available for occasional work parties.

Assist in preparing items for display

  • Ensure each item is safe.
  • Help clean and repair items; spray to get rid of insects & spiders.

Consider serving as a docent for museum tours

  • Choose an area in which to become an informed technologist.
  • Give presentations on research subjects and relevant exhibit topics.
  • Write short papers that can be used as subject matter for the museum.
  • Research the history of MIE technology domains and offer materials and suggestions to improve the museum presentations and exhibits.
  • Participate in service projects that benefit our community.

Consider assisting with design, build and maintenance of MIE “experiments” and demos

  • Suggest engaging, entertaining and educational “hands-on” ways to explain or illustrate key technology concepts.
  • Help design, build and test experiments and displays.
  • Participate in maintenance and improvement projects.

Use and improve the work benches and test equipment, which is available for club use

  • Report any items not working or missing.
  • Help to replace or repair tools and supplies.
  • Ensure power is off to all equipment after use.
  • Reimburse the club for supplies used on projects (tubes, transformers, speakers, etc.

Demonstrate service and accountability to the group

  • Keep a sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously or others not seriously enough.
  • Promote a spirit of teamwork; avoid uncooperative or hostile cliques.
  • Resolve differences. Be a peacemaker when misunderstandings, disputes and clashes arise; help to clear the air by seeking a peaceful accord.
  • Respect other club members. Give others appreciation and cooperation.
  • Think for yourself and be creative in solving problems; avoid being a perennial “yes” or “no” member.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Don’t be first in line when it comes to taking a bow for a project but nowhere to be seen in the midst of responsibility.
  • Encourage others: Be an inspiration and demonstrate positivity and support for other members. Don’t hesitate to praise fellow members for a job well done.