Benjamin Franklin

The Jack of All Trades

Benjamin Franklin was a Founding Father, a Printer, an Author, and a Scientist. Most importantly, he was an inventor who strived to improve common problems. Most well-known for his kite experiment, Franklin contributed to the overall understanding of electricity. His experiments created the foundation for technology to grow and succeed.

The Kite Experiment

What was so crucial about this experiment? Well,in the 1700’s, electricity and its capacity to power entire cities was still being improved. Franklin created the building blocks for modern-day technologies such as the radio or smartphone. The experiment demonstrated the connection between electricity and lightning. To break it down, Franklin constructed a kite that had a wire attached to it. On the opposite end, a hemp string with a metal key. Contrary to popular belief, he did not get struck with lightning. However, he did discover an electrical charge on the key from the lightning storm.

The Significance

Overall, Franklin proved that lightning was a form of electricity. Franklin fought to use lightning rods to protect various buildings and homes throughout Maryland. Thanks to Franklin’s curiosity, more scientists began experimenting with the concept of lightning and electricity. We would not be where we are today without some of these brilliant innovators such as Ben Franklin.