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Several regional radio clubs now call the Museum of Information Explosion (MIE) home. Each club focuses on a different aspect of computing or radio communication. The MIE is excited to facilitate a work space for each member to be able to indulge in their hobbies and passions!

The Huntsville Amateur Radio Club, or the “HAM Club” (, is a thriving regional group operating in various forms since 1947. To break it down, HAM radio (also known as amateur radio) is the use of radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial exchange. The agenda behind the HAM club meetings vary based on the participating members. For example, a member may be interested in reaching out to a number of countries in one weekend using HAM– it can be upwards of 250 countries! The simple act of communicating back and forth between countries using amateur radio is half the fun. Other times, the members are focused on what is needed in the HAM shack. For instance, tuning the new 20 meter-long antenna, installing computer monitors, and more. Club meetings foster a learning environment, where sessions can be dedicated to teaching people topics such as how to solder, or learning new technical skills. 

The North Alabama DX Club ( is also here for members who are particularly interested in using HAM to reach extremely distant locations. Being successful connecting with other users half-way around the globe isn’t easy. Many factors including the weather and even sun-spots can challenge absolute success. 

The Vintage Communication and Computing Club (VC3) is one of the most active radio and technology clubs in the southeast. The VC3 is the most recent embodiment of a five-decade old regional special interest club. This member organization is especially suited for those interested in vintage radios, phonographs, and electronics. Members meet monthly and work together to exchange goods and information related to vintage radio,wireline, or other electronic equipment. 

Looking to join one of our clubs? The groups are always welcoming new members. Check out each club’s website, sign up for the monthly newsletter, or contact us here at the museum to learn about the clubs’ latest activities and how to get started!

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